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Course Descriptions

Real Estate Pre-Licensing Courses:

Real Estate Principles & Practices (60 Hours)

Upon completion of this course the student will be familiar with the following Principles and Practices of Real Estate; along with the current Connecticut Real Estate Licensing Law and Regulations:

Principles:  Introduction to the Real Estate Business, Real Property and the Law, Concepts of Home Ownership, Agency,
                    Real Estate Brokerage, Listing Agreements and Buyer Representation, Interests in Real Estate,
Forms of Real Estate Ownership, Legal Description, Real Estate Taxes and Other Liens, Real Estate Contracts,
                    Transfer of Title, Title Records, Real Estate Financing: Principles, Real Estate Financing: Practice

Practices:    Property Management, Real Estate Appraisal, Land-Use Controls and Property Development,
Fair Housing and Ethical Practices, Environmental Issues and the Real Estate Transaction,
                    Closing the Real Estate Transaction

Real Estate Finance (30 Hours)
Upon completion of this course the student will be familiar with the following Principles of Real Estate Finance:

The Nature and Cycle of Real Estate Finance, Money and the Monetary System, Additional Government Activities, The Secondary Mortgage Market, Sources of Funds: Fiduciaries, Sources of Funds:  Semi-Fiduciary and Non-Fiduciary, Instruments of Real Estate Finance, Conventional Loans, FHA-Insured Loans, VA-Guaranteed Loans, Processing Real Estate Loans, Closing Real Estate Loans, Closing Real Estate Loans, Defaults and Foreclosures, Real Estate Financing Programs.

On-Line Continuing Education Courses: 

To Be Announced

Guide to Passing the PSI Real Estate Exam
This exam preparation product is a resource for any student preparing for the PSI Real Estate Exam. It features topic overviews that highlight key points on the exam, over 700 questions and a Build-Your-Own exam function to help students focus on particular topics covered on the PSI Exam.

Based on the best-selling exam prep book, and containing state-specific content, this online product gives students practice answering exam questions in a computer-based environment. Detailed reporting, build-your-own-exam functionality, and a drill-down approach to retaking missed questions helps student chart their progress and prepare to pass the licensing exam the first time.

Real Estate Math:  What You Need to Know on the Exam
Real Estate Math: What You Need to Know will aid in a student's review of basic math concepts. The course will be helpful in passing the licensing exam and becoming a successful agent. The course focuses on basic math concepts such as fractions, decimals, percents, and percentages.

The course contains examples, formulas, and calculations that will help make a student's math review easier. The course also contains flash exercises that help to understand such things as metes-and-bounds, the knuckle method, and subdividing a section into quarters.








The Connecticut Real Estate Institute, Inc.



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